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VIP EXOTIC Animal Experience  90 minutes  $375  (up to 2 attendees)  

PRIVATE Meet n Greet, affectionate water buffalo, mini zebu, & more...then a ONCE in a LIFETIME magical experience of JOIN-UP with a ZORSE. 

The animals LOVE the interaction!  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Most people describe the experience as MIND BLOWING!



An educational, unforgettable, interactive, hands-on, unique Exotic Animal Experience.

Prepare to take a LOT of pictures, the zorses are gentle and extremely rare (less than 100 world wide).

*45 minutes Meet n Greet the herd...Engage with up to 2 Exotics

$93 per person

$72 each additional attendee


*90 minutes

$163 per person

$98  each additional attendee


Cuddles, Treats & Memories

Enjoy a 30-minute encounter with our very "loving" water buffalo, miniature zebu cattle, zorses, and more. you can feed and pet these delightful creatures. For an extended experience, choose the 'Meet & Greet the Herd Experience'. Prepare to take a LOT of pictures...

$165 (up to 8 attendees)

$18  each additional attendee


 Enjoy a 90-minutes Educational, unforgettable, interactive, hands-on, and unique! 

$125 per person

Max 10 attendees

Private Exclusive Group

*90 minutes 

$480 (up to 5 attendees) 

$85 each additional attendee  

MAX 10 Attendees


Animal Whisper hands-on workshop

 Enjoy a 4-hour (offered once monthly) Educational, unforgettable, interactive, hands-on, unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of equine psychology, instincts, join-up, bonding, communication and safety. THIS CLASS ALWAYS FILLS UP IN ADVANCE! Adults & children 7-18 

$280 (MAX 20 attendees)

Exclusive Offer for UT Locals & Military Personnel

Special UT Military 

Exclusive Offer for UT Family & Field Trips

Special UT Residents 

Birthday Parties and Events

 For $740, you can enjoy an exclusive experience at our ranch for up to 10 guests. Additional guests are welcome at $25 per person. This package includes:

  • 2 full hours party rental in the barn. Two Six Foot Tables with table clothes & bales of hay to seat10.  (Outside Food Allowed)  Guests may come in 15 minutes early to set up and decorate.  Gifts, cake and table decorations ok.  

  • A private, customized hands-on feeding and interaction with our exotic animals. Your guide will be able to answer questions and allow you and your guests to touch, pet & get your professional photos taken with many of the animals.

  • Private Professional photographer... * 90 minute shoot * a variety of beautiful fun and creative individual photos * 40 to 60 Fully edited digital photos...short videos an additional $100

$740 (up to 10 attendees)

$25  each additional attendee

Book now using the button below!

or Call (801)809-9215

Schedule an appointment today!

If you’d love a walk on the wild side, then come visit a unique, family friendly Exotic Animal Experience  that will excite and amaze you.

There is bound to be something for you and your whole family within our selection of... Ultimate Birthday Parties, Family, Group, Large Monthly ANIMAL WHISPER Workshops, and Private ANIMAL EXPERIENCES below.

We have everything from simple private visits, small groups, educational, or we can cater to the ultimate animal experience of a lifetime!

We have worked hard to foster a healthy environment for these gentle animals. They have been lovingly raised, socialized, and handled daily so they are at ease around people. When you visit us for a private exotic animal experience, you get to interact with exotic animals instead of just admiring them from behind a barrier.

Our animals LOVE meeting new people and they can’t wait to meet you.


Hungry for New Animal Adventures?

Experience an ethical wildlife animal weekend and make long-lasting memories with your family

It’s scientifically proven that when animals surround us, there are unlimited benefits to our health, such as:
Decreasing stress and pain, reducing loneliness, calming anxiety, boost of mood, increasing happiness, developing compassion and empathy (vital for children)
Are you curious how we know that? Because we have experienced all this first-hand. 

This is your chance to learn interesting facts about a variety of animals including some Exotic Creatures with GIANT PERSONALITIES...  







DAD to Joe, Tiger & TINK

Joe & his MOM on his birthday, she passed away last year at the age of 36...

ZORSE (zebra / horse HYBRID)

One of the RAREST animals on EARTH, there are fewer than 100 World-Wide!


TIGER, Is in LOVE with his trainer! Has pulled a stagecoach in parades with JOE, trail rides, has performed at rodeos, Is a SUPER STAR in the monthly ANIMAL WHISPERER clinics!

TINK, Is affectionate and loving!
She's the cutest thing on the Planet . . 

JOE, Is affectionate and loving!
He's the best kisser EVER! 

 TEQUILA is a 12 year old ZORSE, she is empathic and loves people, especially children and those with special needs!

Tequila has the Heart and Spirit of a HEALER, her calling seems to be helping people & other creatures, she is Calm, Gentle, and Patient, she's a FANTASTIC Therapy Animal ... She also adopts babies like 'TINK' an orphaned zorse filly...

 JOE is a 5 year old ZORSE gelding, he is a comedian and loves people, he has pulled a stagecoach in multiple parades with his brother TIGER, and has been ridden!     

JOE has a fantastic work ethic, is friendly and has a special relationship with his little sister TINK.   His favorite thing right now is trick training!     

 He LIVES to give kisses!     

He's popular with all of the ladies that come to visit him and he's a Superstar in our monthly ANIMAL WHISPERER CLINICS!

JASPER a rare, diluted white, MEDITERANIAN SWAMP WATER BUFFALO with a HUGE shaggy, strawberry blond head, and Long Sweeping horns.  You'll be meeting JASPER in person, you can brush, bond, and get the chance to know him as an individual. Jasper purrs, chirps, grunts and talks. He loves people! To say he's super friendly is an understatement, he's also intelligent (comparable to an elephant).

Instead of just viewing JASPER and our other exotic animals through a fence from a distance you'll get a unique hands-on experience. 

JASPER is very affectionate so you'll get lots of kisses from him and his girlfriend...


SWEET PEA, is an extremely rare RIVER WATER BUFFALO from a completely different continent than JASPER, she has the ability to dive all the way down to the bottom of deep rivers, hold her breath for up to 5 minutes and graze on aquatic vegetation. She is also an extremely rare white subspecies! You'll want lots of pictures or even a professional video to remember this once in a lifetime experience.

Experience these and other gorgeous animals in a private exotic animal experience.  You'll gain and share a deeper understanding of the universal language of animals, their instincts, and emotional depth of these AMAZING, Rare creatures. GUARANTEED to BLOW your MIND!           

 Contact us to reserve your chance to meet these beautiful creatures face-to-face!

Experience these and other gorgeous animals in a private exotic animal experience.  You'll gain and share a deeper understanding of the universal language of animals, their instincts, and emotional depth of these AMAZING, Rare creatures. GUARANTEED to BLOW your MIND!           

 Contact us to reserve your chance to meet these beautiful creatures face-to-face!

Pick the Perfect Encounter . . .

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hands-on Workshop

8-Adult hands-on $100

Pro Students Included
50% off friends & family
$ :-)


dog heart silhouette_edited_edited_edite

Birthday Parties

Includes everything from a spaw-treatment, plus a Full Haircut & Style. . . :-)

dog heart silhouette_edited_edited_edite

Private Exotic Encounter

Max 10 people
Includes 90 minutes interactive, hands-on, & educational
. . . :-)


Add-on Menue

Professional Video/Picture PACKAGES 

*45 minutes
Engage with up to 2 Exotics

Ultimate Family Experience of a LIFETIME!
*90 minutes
$350, up to 5 attendees, each additional attendee $50/Max 10

Private Exclusive Group
*60 to 90 minutes
1 person $100
each additional attendee $50
MAX 10 Attendees

Semi-Private Group
Individual attendees
$100 per person

Small-Private Group

*Animal Painting 
*Pictures taking with a zorse
*Picture taking with a mini zebu


parti sheepadoodle_edited.png
staffi and little girl_edited.png
golden and little girl_edited.png

Happy Memories
Our Staff love Animals.

That first visit can be frightening for a pet; a strange place, new people, smells & sounds. That's why your pet will have their own person that understands, is compassionate, and has extensive training! An animal lover that is certified in K-9 & Equine Psychology who promises to make each and every experience positive! Guaranteed to be gentle!

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