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Exotic Animal Encounter 

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TEQUILA is a 12 year old ZORSE mare, she is empathetic and loves people, especially children and those with special needs!

She is a FANTASTIC therapy ZORSE . . .
She also adopts babies like 'TINK' our orphaned ZORSE filly & 'DIESEL' our big baby, he's a Gypsy vanner cross.

She has the Heart & Spirit of a HEALER, her calling seems to be helping people & other creatures. She is maternal, calm, gentle, & patient.

TEQUILA the Healer

JOE the Comedian

he's 5 years old & he LOVES people, He's pulled a stagecoach in multiple parades with his brother TIGER, and he has been ridden.

Joe's friendly, gentle and has a special relationship with his little sister TINK.
His favorite thing right now is trick training!
He LIVES to give kisses!

Joe is popular with all of the ladies that come to visit him & he's a SUPERSTAR in our monthly 'Animal Psychology Workshops'!


JASPER Mediterranean-Swamp Water Buffalo

JASPER a rare, diluted white CUDDLE BUG, MEDITERANIAN SWAMP WATER BUFFALO with a HUGE shaggy, strawberry blond head, and Long Sweeping horns.  You'll be meeting JASPER in person, you can brush, bond, and get the chance to know him as an individual. Jasper purrs, chirps, grunts and talks. He loves people! To say he's super friendly is an understatement, he's also intelligent (comparable to an elephant).

Instead of just viewing JASPER and our other exotic animals through a fence from a distance you'll get a unique hands-on experience. 

JASPER is very affectionate so you'll get lots of kisses from him and his girlfriend...


River Water Buffalo

SWEET PEA, is an extremely rare RIVER WATER BUFFALO from a completely different continent than JASPER, she has the ability to dive all the way down to the bottom of deep rivers, hold her breath for up to 5 minutes and graze on aquatic vegetation. She is also an extremely rare white subspecies! You'll want lots of pictures or even a professional video to remember this once in a lifetime experience.

Experience these and other gorgeous animals in a private exotic animal experience.  You'll gain and share a deeper understanding of the universal language of animals, their instincts, and emotional depth of these AMAZING, Rare creatures. GUARANTEED to BLOW your MIND!           

 Contact us to reserve your chance to meet these beautiful creatures face-to-face!

Anna Belle 

Mini Zebu Heifer

Meet Anna Bell, she's a tiny little Miniature Zebu heifer she's docile, curious, intelligent, and friendly!
She has a very unique look, people are often confused on what type of animal she is. She is so tiny with a playful, sweet personality.

4 horned Mutant Jacob Sheep
 When a gene mutation occurs, the surface expands, resulting in the splitting of the horn buds during embryonic development and, as a result, the growth of supernumerary, up to 6 horns.
Their super friendly with people and other animals, they are very curious and their silly antics are quit entertaining, they love treats. 

Please let us know in advance if you're interested in learning how to groom or even do some creative color dyes on one or more of these unique creatures...


Mickey is a Paso Fino 
 One of our many equine rescues.
He is shy, very sweet natured, and requires more patience to gain his trust. He's popular in our monthly animal Psychology workshops. He helps people become more aware of their energy & emotions. It takes a little more effort, however he bonds deeply and never forgets the people he bonds with.


Mini Silky Fainting goats 
Small, Playful, Friendly, Cuddle-bugs! 
Miniature Silky Fainting goats, also known as Mini Silkies, are a small breed of goat with silky coats, long hair, and bangs. They are bred to look like Silky Terriers, with long coats, muffs on their cheeks, beards, and necks, and lots of hair on their chests. 


baby emu2_edited_edited.png

Baby Emu, chickens, & turkeys 
An emu raised by humans will naturally be more friendly and docile. If you want a friendlier bird, buy a male emu: they are known to be a bit tamer than females. If you hatch baby emus, they will imprint on you and follow you around like ducklings. You can raise very young baby emus inside your house.

children with baby emu_edited.png
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